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Exploration and city building game with enormous map; fractal zoom (hexagonal rosette tiling) allows each city-tile to emulate the complexity of 16,807 house-tiles.

Each city can be composed of 7 wards (区).
Each ward can be composed of 7 towns (町).
Each town can be composed of 7 districts (丁目).
Each district can be composed of 7 blocks (街区).
Each block can be composed of 7 lots (番号).

A fractal map generator uses multiple scales to build an amazingly detailed new map for each game. This fractal complexity gives each map a breathtaking sense of geographic realism.

Other open world games allow you to explore without limit in 2 dimensions: north-south and east-west. Coast of Kobe removes a completely different limit; by giving each tile a fractal dimension, you can now explore a world of complexity within each tile. 

Each tile contains worlds within worlds, dreams within dreams.


CoastOfKobe_MacOSX.app.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

* On opening app, please wait 1-2 minutes for map generation *

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